July 11, 2015

Calculate Dates

Calculate dates is a tool for doing date calculations with basic natural language support. First add in your starting date, and then either add or subtract time, or add a second date. We’ll do the rest, and give you a range of useful time formats. Created for fun, modified for the 10k apart contest. Designed and developed by Sunmock Yang and Russell Baylis, our entry was awarded an honourable mention.

Using natural language processing, the calculator supports a number of options

  • Addition and subtraction: + 400 years, + 6 months, + 5 days, = 5 weeks and two days
  • Varied date formats: 2015/12/30, 12/30/2015, December 30th 2015, Dec. 30 2015
  • Natural Formats: Today, Tomorrow

What we did to squeeze our website into as few kibbles as possible:

  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript minification
  • As much JavaScript encapsulation as possible to get maximum minification.
  • Minimal class/variable names
  • Gzipping